itens were born in 2016 with a focus on innovation, renovation, and a loving look at the national product. Our purpose is to promote and make Brazilian authorial lighting design accessible through our lines, investing in design, releasing new names, and promoting partnerships with established professionals. All of our collections are based on their curatorship and obsessed with quality, valuing the genuinely national, original, and timeless product.

We are known for our creative boldness, for combining artisanal work with industrial production, and for releasing new talents, betting on the diversity of techniques, materials, artisans, and factories. In this way, we build a pulsating, socially responsible, and agile chain of creation and production to interpret the desires of our admirers: people of different generations, cultures, desires, and styles, but who share a passion for a unique and coherent product when talking of Brazilian DNA.

We seek inspiration in the arts, architecture, literature, music, and the daily life of simple life, but endowed with extreme sophistication and personality, full of references, memories, desires, and especially affection, seeking to interpret a generation that values conviviality and identity.

Creativity, sensitivity, and materials such as metal, brass, copper, nickel, steel, blown glass, straw, grass, linen, acrylic, ceramics, resin, Brazilian stones and wood, give rise to collections that are created to move and be part of life and people's history functionally and beautifully.

We are present in several cities in Brazil, through exclusive resellers, and in São Paulo, with our concept store, opened in 2019


We observe multidisciplinarity as a focus, research, and development of concepts and styles. itens is a brand that is born from contemporary issues, with a review and research work on several aspects of Brazilian design.

The baroque, modernist and contemporary object, music, geometry, plastic arts, and crafts are sources of transposition and aesthetic update of the team of designers of itens that encode this information in an international and timeless language. New designs, new languages, a new positioning, are the new “itens ” that arrive to enrich the universe.

Together with one of our collaborating designers or through our own creative department, the estudio itens, our brand also has a special projects sector, which creates and develops exclusive and customized pieces, which vary according to the need and every customer's desire.

All of our products are original, registered, and protected by copyright law.

Our curator is signed by our founder and creative director, Mariana Amaral. On some special occasions, the curatorship receives invited collaborators, such as personalities, journalists, and opinion-makers in several areas.

With over 100 products in the line, different colors, materials, and finishes, the itens design special pieces for homes and corporate, commercial, and hotel projects.