In the imposing and modern facade, the high ceilings give the tone to the windows in the windows, which, framed by the swords of São Jorge, take our lamps to the heights. The store is an invitation to the senses: the furniture signed by Brazilian designers from different times and the texture of the Italian granite floor stand out in the eyes of the specialists on duty and present the LIGHTSTYLE of itens proposing a contemporary way of presenting our pieces and welcoming visitors who, upon entering the store, are intoxicated by the illuminated atmosphere of the house.

Vintage furniture by Joaquim Tenreiro, Zalszupin, Sérgio Rodrigues, and Zanine Caldas are some of the pieces that make up the décor where the main character is all the lamps. With the concept of Mariana Amaral, an architecture project signed by the JT Studio office of Juliana Pimentel and Tatiana do Valle and landscaping by Gilberto Elkis, our store has strong partners in visual merchandising: linen curtains from Entreposto, carpets from By Kamy (with highlight to the modernist tapestry by Giacomo Tomazzi), Emporio Beraldin armchairs and Democrart photos added to the works of art from our private collection and exhibitions in "pop-up" format with special guests, forming an exotic and extremely contemporary setting.

Our soundtrack (available on Spotify) is composed of Brazilian music and our smell, an aroma developed for months until we reach the ideal formula: a sensational mixture of natural ingredients, herbs, verbena, and rosin from the Amazon that is registered in the olfactory memory.

A rich selection of objects and adornments was also handpicked to compose the space for itens objeto : a corner of objects made by different Brazilian communities, mined from north to south of the country, and which are complements that reflect the style of the store.